Faster Results from Breast Enlargement Massages

Breast Massage for Growth

What is a breast enlargement massage? Is there really a breast massage method that can really help you get larger and firmer breasts? More importantly – if breast improvement massages work – what are some better ways of getting a visible breast size increase quicker?

Bear with me, and I will reveal to you a breast enlargement massage that not just gets you the larger breasts you always wished for, but it will laos enhance your general breast health AND make you feel and look amazing!

Taking Control of Our Look

First of all, congratulations. The fact that you read this page makes me understand that you are all set to take complete control of how other people see you. I want to make sure you understand how HUGE of a primary step in the good direction you have taken, so once again: Congratulations. Your life and your body will change in a huge, better way!

The reason why I say that, is because I have already been in your shoes. I was a victim of my own self-sabotage for the majority of my adult life. It sucked for a long time. This is partly why I am posting this thorough guide to breast improvement massages: I really want to aid girls like me go from the lonesome hell I was in, to the amazing state in which I currently am.

Here is what I was thinking for you:

Rather than complaining about the unfairness of having been born with very small breasts, I need you to understand it is within your power to change them.
Rather than whining about individuals that are so shallow that your looks matter that much, I need you to get into a state (psychologically and physically) where this natural human “weak point” works in your favor.
Rather than having lots of reasons for why you aren’t perfect, I need you to blow people out of the water with an irresistible, long-lasting impression that has them thinking “I wish to look just like her!” or “I need to be her friend!”

Why not have boys and girls alike take a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th look at you and go “ooh la la!”? Why not express self-confidence, knowing you have what it takes?

I’m going to take you through step by step instructions on accomplishing all of that (and more) making use of basic but well researched breast augmentation massage techniques. So re-read this page as many times as you need to for all of this info to completely sink in. I ensure you, it will be well worth your time!

If there is something I can assure you, it’s this: If you follow the actions and suggestions I will provide you and begin massaging your breasts as I tell you to in this guide, you too will see breast growth and give out an amazing first impression. You too can have people take a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th look at you that drives them to the conclusion that “there is something unique about her”.

It goes without saying, but every natural self-image enhancement method that makes us feel less awkward and more confident deserves paying attention to. Why? Due to the fact that upping our self-image enhances our perceived image and not just enhances our first impression, but at the same time significantly enhances our general quality of life.

Obviously makeup goes a long way, however, speaking from past experiences, for a lot of us this “self-image” modification has to start at our breasts.

Are Breast Enhancement Massages Safe?

Fortunately, we are in a world where we have a wide variety of natural breast improvement choices readily available to us. Among the safest alternatives to getting the breasts we desire, from my experience, are common DIY breast massages.

And the best part? Unlike unsafe breast implant augmentation, doing these massages ourselves is danger-free (actually no unwanted side effects)!

Implants hurt, are incredibly dangerous, and extremely pricey. And the worst part about them? They can considerably deform your breasts (for life), leave you scarred, and yet they only have a typical life expectancy of 15 years before they will need to be changed or removed.

As if getting them wasn’t terrible enough, about 1 in 5 women wind up paying a lot more cash, for one factor or another, to have their implants taken out. This eventually leaves them with completely saggy and scarred breasts. Ouch!

This risk was never worth it to me and unless it’s for reconstructive functions I think natural alternatives like breast enlargement massages are a much better (absolutely no risk whatsoever) alternative.

History of Breast Enlargement Massages

History of breast massages

In some cultures, the art of enhancing breasts through basic massage regimens was a secret given from mom to child for numerous generations. Sometimes even for millennia. Thanks to the privacy of the internet, these specific breast improvement massage methods are now readily available to all women all around the world.
Not just that, but massage experts, massage therapists, and womanly beauty specialists have actually taken those conventional massage strategies and, through science and experimentation, tweaked them to work even better nowadays.

That being said, I prepared the very best massage ways, tips, and techniques that work for me. From my research and experience, these have actually shown to aid to naturally grow breasts in the quickest way possible.

Before we even dive in and I share those breast massage tips with you, I wish to share something quickly …

You Need to Massage Your Breasts Regardless

Our breasts are primarily made from fat and adipose fats. Breast massage methods (along with breast improvement creams, serums, and tablets) naturally affect our breasts’ fat storage and subsequently their enhancement.

By massaging your breasts frequently, you:

  • Promote the release of growth hormonal agents. Massaging your breasts increases blood flow which pushes more estrogen to go through the blood system. This considerably increases the estrogen going to your breasts’ receptors. The massage brings more nutrients and oxygen to the breast tissue cells, making them much healthier while promoting breast growth all at once.
  • Make your body release prolactin. By boosting your breast tissue and nipples with the correct breast massage procedure and movements, you push out prolactin, a hormonal agent that aids your breast to grow.
  • Make your body release oxytocin. Oxytocin is called the love hormone for a reason: it helps individuals bond. It gets relased into the blood when the hypothalamus, the cells in our brain that control impulses, are activated. This in turn is then believed to boost breast growth.
  • Develop firm, well-rounded breasts. When your breasts are healthy and rich with nutrients, they have a perfectly round and full look.
  • Boosts lymph flow. Stagnant fluids ultimately end up being cesspools of all sorts of illnesses. By enhancing lymph blood circulation, you are eventually assisting your body to alleviate all sorts of major health problems.
  • Helps prevent breast cancer. I am not a certified medical professional so I will not make a health claim here, however, there are brand-new studies recommending routine breast massages not just to aid find particular breast cancers, but also to reduce the danger of getting them.
  • Decrease PMS symptology and cysts. As somebody who had a hard time with premenstrual syndrome symptoms, I’d think this point alone is worth the effort.
  • And so on. The list can go on forever, however, I believe you understand: massaging your breasts is a healthy and pain-free workout anyone needs to do at least a couple of times each week.

Doing the right breast massages regularly is not just helpful when attempting to firm up and grow your breasts, but will also help to keep them healthy. Actually, it aids body function much better.

So no matter the reason why you’re doing simple breast massages, keep in mind that there are remarkable clinically shown advantages to doing them regularly. Don’t let anyone say it isn’t so!

The Secret to Getting Faster Results

Before we even start, I hope you to understand that the methods explained below in this detailed article will aid you to boost your breasts even if all you are doing is to massage them for a couple of minutes every day.

If you are a stranger to patience like me though and need more visible and faster results, I greatly recommend including a minimum of 2 of the 4 products discussed below into your breast enhancement massage techniques.

The words “the more the better” have a lot of truth in them, especially when talking about breast massage. However, I extremely advise you to do at least 2 of these!

Suggestion # 1: Appropriate Massage Technique

Breast enhancement massage techniques aren’t tough. I will dive deeper into the various movements and methods later on, however, bear in mind that, while you can definitely do them yourself, they will take some of your time.

If you’re like me, you prefer to cut through the BS and go directly to the usage of clinically tested massage techniques (where you get the results even if you do not make use of any supplements), I extremely suggest you get a copy of Jenny Bolton’s Boost Your Bust ebook.

Here is a fast introduction to understand why I say that:
“BoostYourBust Completely Integrates Massage Methods, Nutrition, Exercises, and Other Tips for Permanent Breast Enhancement in One Place!”

Breast Enlargement Massage Steps for Growth basically is the Bible of natural breast improvement choices. I say, it practically covers all of it: Massage methods, nutrition, workout, and so on

What I like most about it however is that it’s not another “theory” based ebook. Everything was given a try and checked by Jenny and is backed by a variety of trustworthy research and reviews. No wishful thinking. Only things that work!

Before Jenny created the guide, she was going through life as an “A” cup and was naturally loaded with insecurities as a direct result. So, like you, she chose to do something about it.

After years of research and experimentation, her Boost Your Bust guide was created.

By utilizing the exactly same techniques recorded in the guide, she went from an “A” cup to a “B” cup within just 4 and a half weeks. After another 6 very short weeks of using her freshly found secrets, she got to a “C” cup size. How amazing is that?

Her guide has gone on since to aid countless ladies all over the world to get voluptuous breasts. A few of those have actually shared their reviews in the link below:

I definitely like Jenny’s guide and it was my very first action towards getting the breasts I always desired. Naturally, I was doubtful when I initially got it, however, as the saying goes: Any significant modification begins with an in-depth understanding of the issue. And Jenny’s guide provides you exactly that!

KEEP IN MIND: If you are doubtful (like I was), understand that if, for whatever reason, you think that the guide is not for you, you have thirty days to request a 100% refund, no questions asked. So there is definitely no risk whatsoever on your part!

Suggestion # 2: Supplement with Natural Breast Enlargement Ingredients

A questions people frequently ask me is: “Should I utilize a lotion, cream, or serum when doing my breast massages?”

My response is always “Yes. Yes you should!”

Women like you have actually utilized all types of different things from water to various kinds of massage oil, serums, and creams. Typically, the most popular oils utilized when doing breast massages are coconut oil, aloe vera gel, olive oil, and sweet almond oil.

Nevertheless, from my own experience, I can say for sure that these oils will just decrease the friction triggered by your palms rubbing your breasts, and will not in fact have any genuine influence on increasing your breast size.

This is why I advise you to make use of a breast improvement cream or serum particularly developed to be used on breasts.

The creams and serums I suggest you to use are very efficient in providing the required nutrients to your breasts that eventually promote breast boost. And yes, I advise you to use at least one of the creams everyday, uniterrupted, for a minimum of 3 to 6 months (or till you reach the results you wish for). After that make use of them on and off as you please.

The Best Breast Enlargement Massage Creams:

Here are the very few of them that actually work:

Brestrogen: This is without a doubt my preferred cream. Why? Due to the fact that it is among the most efficient natural breast augmentation creams I have actually ever utilized. Made from Pueraria Mirifica, a plant abundant in phytoestrogens, the cream stimulates estrogen production in your breasts, which makes your breasts grow larger in a natural way.

Vollure: It includes Sarsasapogenin and Macelignan that are clinically shown to supply the very best breast enhancement results without triggering tissue damage. I use this and Brestrogen intermittently nowadays to make the most of as many ingredients as possible.

Total Curve: Total Curve is made from an ideal quantity of Volufiline, the active ingredient that promotes fat tissue development, both in amount and volume. It is a well-known cream and I can recommend it with confidence, however, it has actually been a while since I used it, even if it was my everyday to-go-to cream.

Breast Actives: Breast Actives is an entirely natural breast enhancement system made from Fenugreek extract and Dong Quai. What I enjoy about this one is that it can be found in pill form (tablets) that are a mix of 8 natural extracts known to increase breast size. The cream itself is an acclaimed breast augmentation cream that promotes natural breast development.

The Breast Actives tablet and cream combination is an outstanding program to start with and is reasonably cost-effective when compared to purchasing supplements and creams independently.

Once again, you can do breast massages without these breast improvement creams, however, the outcomes simply will not be as fast, as noticeable, or as long-term. That’s why I am so adamantly recommending utilizing them rather than a general non-enhancing oil or cream.

Suggestion # 3: Breast Augmentation Heating Pads

Breast Massage Heating Pads

I began the natural breast improvement journey without a heating pad and got excellent results even when not using them. Since getting them and utilizing them, I’ll never ever return to doing my massages without one.

Here is a heating pad I highly recommend:

Chest Massage Heat Pad: There are obviously a hundred completely different heating pads on Amazon for you to pick, however, this is among the more affordable and more popular ones. I recommend getting the bigger one since the other one can be a bit too small.

Absolutely nothing fancy, however, it does what you need it to do. And it features a 5-year guarantee, which is from my point of view a substantial plus.

How to Utilize the Heating Pad for Breast Massages

If you wish to optimize the result of your regular breast enhancement massage, add heat for 5 minutes before starting. Continue with another 15 minutes of heat after you complete the massage. That way, you will open the pores, ensure optimum absorption, hormone production, and blood circulation.

Ensure you utilize 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit (43-46 degree Celsius) of heat and adhere to that temperature level to prevent burns.

General Breast Massage Tips

Did you know that massaging your breasts in a wrong way can produce side effects like reducing their size? Which is yet another reason why I suggest Jenny Bolton’s guide, as she provides specific guidelines on what movements really work in increasing breast size.

Here is how to do an correct breast massage:

  1. Only Use Inward Movements. Everything revolves around the motions you use. Remember to keep your hands going inward. Clockwise for your left breast and counterclockwise for your right one.
  2. Use a a recommended cream throughout the massage. This will lower friction and uneasy sensation throughout and after the massage.
  3. The time you must invest in every massage is different, however, you must do it two times a day, every day for about 5-10 minutes and a minimum of 300 rotations.
  4. The very best time for a breast massage is usually after a warm bath or shower (or you can make use of a heating pad as I already said above).
  5. Make use of gentle, slow strokes.
  6. You shouldn’t massage the nipple area since it’s extremely delicate and can quickly get inflamed.
  7. To reach a larger surface area and promote breast enlargement, utilize the flat of your fingertips. To increase blood circulation even more, massage the area underneath of the underarm too.
  8. Hormonal agents tend to be more active throughout the night, so it can be really helpful to do the massage before you go to sleep. That will aid your breast to recuperate and grow much faster.
  9. Finally, bras. Unless you are working out, you will have to avoid using a tight bra as much as you can to enable increased blood circulation to and from your breasts.

You should try the much better breast enhancement supplement, Breast Actives

Breast Actives Customer Reviews

3 Specific Kinds Of Breast Massages

Here are a few standard methods and movements I advise beginning with if you have actually opted to not get Jenny’s guide yet:

1.) Lymph Draining Massage

The function of this massage is to unclog your lymph nodes and assist breast augmentation hormones move effectively. Although seen as a breast growth massage, I have actually always made use of this technique/motion as a pre-massage warm-up.

Perform the massage by putting a minor pressure in the area of your lymph nodes, and go from the nipple location outside in all other directions.

This massage must be performed in 10 rotations in total and will aid you to promote estrogen activity and clear toxic substances from your breasts.

2.) Chi Breast Massage

You will encounter lots of natural breast enhancement massage approaches, however, all of it boils down to which one works in the best way for you.

Chi breast massage is all about pushing the so-called “chi points” on your breasts. Here is how to do it effectively:

Action 1: Apply the recommended breast cream on your breasts and also add some heat on your skin before starting this massage. This will prevent getting undesirable, often uncomfortable sensations of friction.

Step 2: Put your hands over your breasts, at first covering your nipple location. Spread your fingers out a little to reach the “chi points” but try to let your nipples out. Apply small pressure when massaging your breasts.

Action 3: Start massaging your breasts by moving your hands inward. You need to carry out a three-step rotation cycle: Carefully move your breasts towards each other, follow the circular movement and move them down and out, and finish the circle by bringing them up and back towards each other, creating one complete rotation.

3.) Fat Transfer (Fat Brushing) Massage:

If you have not learned about Chiyomilk’s fat brushing massage, it’s time to get familiar with it. This very well-known Japanese woman effectively grew her breasts from a B cup to an E cup in 3 years utilizing this massage. Her need originated from her partner that was cheating on her with another (huge breasted) lady.

While carrying out the massage, she also utilized supplements that at the time were only available for purchase in Japan, but now are easily offered worldwide in tablet and cream type.


Step one: Rub your hands to add heat and blood circulation and make them warm and ready for the massage. You can likewise utilize a heating pad for 3 to 5 minutes prior to starting this massage.

Step 2: Press firmly the fat from your back to the top of your chest, continue with the side of your arms and press all the way from your stomach to your breasts. Repeat the procedure for 5 to 10 minutes, two times a day.

You can perform this massage while lying down or standing.

Drawbacks of Breast Massages

A big drawback of massaging your breasts yourself is that it gets tiresome after a while. This is particularly true if you’re doing it for breast growth reasons.

To see real results (as in, bust enlargement) from breast massages alone, you’ll need to do it consistently for a while. It works incredibly if done effectively, however, it does take some time. So perseverance and dedication to the cause is certainly a requirement.

Obviously you can accelerate the procedure and increase the results by supplementing with natural improvement creams and tablets as talked about above.
Do Breast Development Massages Work? When I was on my “breast improvement journey” a couple of years back, I rapidly understood the incredible advantages of integrating natural items with tested breast enhancement massages. This was particularly true for me since I was getting restless and desired better results QUICKLY.

I saw substantial benefits in doing routine breast massages, however, in regards to getting the larger and firmer breasts I desired, I rapidly noticed it would take a while unless I began supplementing. Which is precisely what I wound up doing … and I’m thankful I did!

It’s also among the reasons I extremely recommend supplementing with superior breast improvement creams like Brestrogen. Not seeing significant outcomes within the very first couple of weeks (in spite of rubbing your breasts consistently) can result in frustration, resulting in a many women quiting the massage routine completely.

Quiting eventually leads us to never ever reaching our objective of having a natural yet perky bustline. So yes, breast massages on their own definitely work for breast enlargement, however, they will need considerable dedication and persistence on your part.


If you are feeling overwhelmed and even puzzled about which technique you must go for, take your time. Read this page one more time if you need to. It has a great deal of details for you to absorb.

To simply summarize everything for you, here are the 4 actions once again. And yes, I would advise doing them in that order as the budget allows you:

  • Get BoostYourBust: Comprehending, understanding, and technique are everything you need. Find out all you will need to know but at the same time understand the right breast massage techniques from the professional herself.
  • Get Brestrogen: Although I have actually utilized a lot of creams, this one is my preferred one and is a must have in my personal opinion if you’re going to be massaging your breasts every day.
  • Get Total Curve: If you look for major gains or desire quick results (or both), I extremely recommend taking these supplements too.
  • Get a heating pad: This is entirely optional in my viewpoint, however, it will make massages simpler and more efficient. I did without a heating pad for a very long time and still got amazing outcomes, however, after I started using them, everything became easier.

Here is what it boils down to: A couple of months from now you might be sporting a good set of breasts IF you begin by acting today. Think of just how much a voluptuous set of knockers will change your life in better.